Beat the Bloat in Time for the Beach

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How did it happen? It’s already summer and your beach holiday is only a few days away and somehow you still haven’t managed to look your best in that little beach outfit.

Why not take some inspiration from the latest No. 1 world male tennis player and follow a wheat-and-gluten-free diet. You could beat that bloated feeling (and much more) – ensuring you can walk down that beach breathing normally.

More and more people in Britain claim to be wheat intolerant, showing itself through a number of different symptoms including sleepiness, bloating, flatulence and fluid retention. And if you are suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea, you might even be intolerant to gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye, barley, and oats. All of these symptoms indicate an inflammatory response, and clearly none of these symptoms will make you feel good - be it on your summer holiday or in that business pitch.

Unfortunately, most of the foods we tend to enjoy, especially when eating out, contain wheat and gluten: all those lovely breads, croissants, breakfast cereals, biscuits, cakes, pasta, pizza. So you can already imagine how much fun you’ll have going out to a restaurant in a foreign country and trying to follow a wheat and gluten free diet. But I never said it would be easy, and don’t we all like a bit of a challenge?

It can be done (with a bit of planning), so here’s my challenge to you: Try and eliminate these foods (as much as you can) in the next couple of weeks. Write down how you feel (still bloated? more energy?). The flat tummy will just be a bonus.