The Wedding Planner

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After days - no, weeks - of anticipation, Kate & Wills finally tied the knot. I have to say, I am a bit sad that it’s over. I am a sucker for romance, and every common girl wants to be queen for a day.

Do not think we Continentals are any less engaged than the Brits or the Americans when it comes to the wedding of the century.

The Easter Egg on Beatrice’s forehead, Victoria’s towering platform heels, and the somewhat stiff carriage charade, we all watched it as closely online as the 'Royal Wedding Supporters' did in real life. I would have killed for a spot amongst the bewildered, blue, body-painted ("'I am The Ring"), sleep-deprived crowds - if only to give me a break from the other wedding frenzy currently going on in my office.

Two months ago, the senior associate with whom I share an office swapped her long-time boyfriend for a senior partner twice her age. Engaged at date number three, she is now to be wed within two months.

Of course, this provides a far better opportunity to study 'getting to yes' and 'speeding up social mobility' than the royal wedding. Without bickering neighbours or the pressure to wear furry hats and paint your face, and with a far better view. I probably should embrace the possibilities of getting one-on-one lessons from the woman who redefines being hands-on and in control up to the point of ensuring a million dollar pension fund within a trimester. And I am the first to admit that I love a bit of distraction from work now and then.

However, my roommate took wedding planning to the next level. Her law firm senior partner fiancé delegated all of his responsibilities to his secretary, and left her with "Just give me a time” and "Just do things right”. Consequently, my colleague morphed into Jennifer Lopez and our office into the pit of wedding arrangements. It has a constant background chatter of conversations with the hairdresser, print shop, caterer, cake designer, dress designer, florist, and even the priest. At the moment, I have more knowledge of wedding invitation design than the layout of a share purchase agreement.

Which is, of course, fine, had I not been expected to manage the practice on my own lately. Rather than delegating wedding chores to me, Jenny made the partner of our department Master of Ceremony. This prevents him from getting angry with her for executing parts of his task. Jenny outsmarts many business women I know.

It does leave me with quite a bit of work, no guidance and an awful lot of background noise. I am a sucker for romance, but not for ceremony.