Solo Mio For Christmas

Train Platform, Poland 2 Dantesz Sxc Hu

Driving home for Christmas. And it seems we can put little ol´ Chris Rea on repeat here as the roads are clogged with snow.

Train tracks are clogged with snow. Tram rails are clogged with snow. Basically, the whole country is derailed and as clogged as a toilet grid. Just how does Russia deal with these weather conditions on a daily basis?

Last Friday was the obvious date for all Zuidas seasonal festivities. It took some firms up to three hours to get their workers to the fancy crime scenes downtown. Some city boys and girls could not leave the capital afterwards, and were stuck in town.

One may wonder what happens if the snow fall continues up until Christmas. Petite and densely populated as the Netherlands are, we may just not make it home in time for Christmas. Luckily, there is always Solomio.

Solomio is the Dutch response to Chatroulette. The Dutch video chatroom offers an online dinner for those who want to stay solo over Christmas. A video cam and a plate on your lap is all that is required. Needless to say, the food is BYO.

According to Solomio, up to 60% of its 3,000 regular visitors indicated they were considering attending the online Christmas dinner. Visitors even answered whether they'd prefer participating in the online celebration over a proper vacation (13%) or some down and dirty time between the sheets (13%).

Just imagine being stuck on screen with your colleagues this Christmas. An online reprise of last Friday this Christmas Eve. Gretchen from Billing would not be able to speak after the fifth flute of champagne. My roommate could be there even without being compelled by the snow. (She would probably down another peanut butter and herring sandwich in two minutes in an attempt to be as time efficient as possible.) Boris from IT would be opening three parallel windows at the same time and miss out on the conversation as usual. Hopefully my secretary would sign in as well to create some online beef with the rest of the department.

Everybody would get considerably drunk, and partner, Harry, would keep forgetting that “Hand me the sausage, please” refers to the sausage on the table rather than the one underneath. Luckily, adult entertainment will be banned by the moderator of Solomio during Christmas.

As such, we definitely hope to be driving home for Christmas this year.

Happy Holidays!