Online Dating: My Best Friend's Wedding

Cake - Allie Hylton

It had to happen one day. One of my best friends got married to the guy she met via an on-line dating site.

Same friends that wrote my profile for me on a rainy Sunday morning. Interestingly enough, they had both been kissing a few frogs before meeting each other, by which time he had learned Madam B’s golden rules (and he doesn’t even know Madam B - trust me). Few e-mails, couple of calls to agree a date and that, as they say, was that.

They met for lunch on a Saturday, which was his suggestion. As he admitted recently, by then he was on a mission, and picked lunch on purpose. If it turned out to be a date from hell in any conceivable way, he could always invent some prior arrangement. He needn’t have bothered. Lunch was followed by a walk and some coffee, and eventually by a celebratory glass of wine, some 10 hours or so later. He dropped her at the Tube station and waited to see if she would look back for a little wave goodbye. She did. He was pretty pleased. They obviously hit it off.

On Monday he asked if she fancied going for a drink after work. She agreed. Two more dates follow in the same week, and he cooked for her one night.

She was due to go away on holiday. Her flight was early and the trains were not that frequent, so she was going to have to get up at some godforsaken time to get there quite a few hours too early. So he picked her up from home and dropped her at the airport. He picked her up again when she returned.

Few months later she went away for a few weeks to visit her mum. A few days before she’s due to come back, he had a family emergency. She came back early to be there for him. He insisted she should not pay any cancellation charges or other fees just for him. She fibbed that her ticket was fully flexible and went ahead and bought a new one. The rest, as they say, is history.

Last New Year’s Eve he proposed and it was a blue moon. Which he hadn’t planned. In fact, someone else had to point that one out. Luckily, her answer was positive since, as he said, it would have been a long walk home. And it was cold.

This past September they got married, and it turned out to be a lovely wedding, and exactly the way they wanted it.

Don’t you love a happy ending?