The Nutritionist: Get Ready

Lisa Wulf Nutritionist

City girls and boys work hard and play hard. We work long hours, have busy days, and eat most meals on the run.

Every day situations, such as meeting friends for drinks, frequent restaurant dining, surviving on biscuits in hourly meetings, grabbing a quick lunch or taking clients for long lunch make healthy eating challenging. This takes a toll on your waistline, your health and your bank account.

As a full-time City girl and part-time nutritionist, I am well aware of the problems faced by business professionals with hectic lives, and am thrilled to start this new series to provide nutrition advice.

City girls and boys need realistic solutions to solve their eating dilemmas, and I’ll be dedicating these articles to providing exactly that. My mission is to offer you some practical insight into the world of nutrition - and that doesn’t mean just telling you to eat your 5-a-day. I’ll be your nutrition gossip girl, taking a close look at all the latest diet trends, checking out (and rating) healthy lunch options, and discussing some of the diet myths everybody inaccurately follows, and hopefully giving you a little bit of practical and accurate advice on keeping your waistline while living the City life.

Unfortunately, much of the nutrition advice out there is too restrictive, impractical, vague or downright inaccurate. Even if you know what you should be eating, the hard part is making it fit into your life.

So get ready to stop counting calories, enjoy your last fizzy drink out of the vending machine, and say good-bye to those five cups of coffee. The challenge has officially started (and don’t tell me you don’t like a challenge, working in the City).

They say it takes 30 days to change a habit and form a new one, so here’s my first challenge for you this week. Start your health journey today. Make a note in your diary to choose healthier foods and go grocery shopping tonight. Buy some fruit, natural yoghurt, porridge oats (without syrup) and some nuts and seeds. And from now on, have breakfast! Studies proof that people who don’t eat breakfast are more overweight than people who do.

I’ll tell you more about the importance of the most important meal of the day in the next coming weeks. And don’t forget, I’m always looking for 'food for thought', so if you have any ideas or topics you want me to cover in this blog, get in touch.

Enjoy your breakfast!