Tony Blair To Become BP Chairman ? Do Me A Favour!

Sorry, Tony, but the $20bn wasn't supposed to be for you!

'It's a task for Tony Blair', says Reuters BreakingViews.

'Restoring BP to its former glory would help atone for the Iraq war, earning the thanks of a grateful nation of pensioners and fund managers'.

Reviving the fortunes of BP, of course, won't be an easy task. The company has been accused of being a self-serving institution, focused just on making money, which has now brought pain and suffering on a large group of people, while its leaders trot around the globe spouting platitudes and doing nothing to resolve the hardships their company has indeed caused.

On second thoughts, perhaps Tony Blair is the ideal candidate.............

Reader Comments

1. 'Pensioners haven't got much to be thankful for - thanks to Tony Blair and the policies of the Governments he led.

2. 'I'd rather not have to be 'grateful' to Tony Blair again, thank you very much'.

3. 'Tony Blair to Chair BP ? Sure, if the money's right! But haven't they just committed $20bn to the Gulf of Mexico ? Where's the company going to get another wedge like that to pay our Tony his 'just deserts' ?

Issue Of The Day - Should Tony Blair Chair BP ? (Have Your Say)

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