Sun, Sea and Sexy Surfers

Antik Batik Diva Dress

It's that time of year again, and the City Boys and Girls come out to play. Al Fresco dining in the Wharf and the City becomes the norm, and our lunch hours take a little longer than usual as we lap up the oh-so-sparing sun. Our minds turn to what we will be doing on vacation.

Of course there has to be a beach in there somewhere, and as you know, this means getting your kit off and exposing flesh, not something us Brits are quite so fond of doing. But fear not, no longer do we have to live in shame of falling under the shadow of our friends, the uber-chic and tanned Californian Kids. There is hope that we to may find ourselves a sexy cocktail waiter/ess with whom to get sandy in Copacabana Land.

Firstly, get to know the fake tan salon. This should only be done in the summer so you don't resemble a radioactive carrot all year-round, and you need to pick one wisely. If you have more olive skin, then the San Tropez all-over tan is a good one to go for. Have a professional apply it to ensure maximum coverage and minimum embarrassing splotches. For the fairer skinned, Guinot products will give you light golden sun-kissed coverage. Most beauty salons, spas, West End department stores, and specialty boutiques offer a variety of choices.

Most of the shops are in full summer season swing, so head down to the high street and check out some of the looks. To dress like a beach babe, try on the French Connection Bell de Mer dress, or the the Sienna Special or Paradise Maxi dresses from the Indian Mecca line at Monsoon.

For some Barbados bathing style, we have the Melissa Odabash Haiti halter bikini set from Figleaves, which should set off your sun-kissed smile. For some seriously sexy sun and sand time, check out the Vitamin A Ultraviolet Shimmer siren wrap top and candy bottom set, also from Figleaves. To keep you cool and covered from in the hedonistic heat waves, we have the Antik Batik Diva dress from Figleaves, or a selection of colourful kaftans from Monsoon - the Davina and Sardinia being favourites.

For all you lounge-loving pool-sider boys, Ted Baker's SHORTTY in Fuchsia should bring out the colour of your Copacabana Coconuts. For the sportier surf dudes, O'Neill's Iron Hide or White Beacon board shorts should have you bouncing over those breakers. Coupled with a pair of Police's super-sleek S1518 shades and O'Neill's mochachino brown Grass 11 thongs (flip flops to all us Brits), you'll be looking seriously stylish and maybe even a dab debonair.

So for the lucky set who are sailing of to the Seychelles, bon voyage, and remember to practice safe bathing. It should be a scorcher out there.