You Quickly Learn, My Friend, That Time Waits For No Man

There are many landmark events during a full lifetime.

From the cry of the new born, through to the first spoken word. From your first day at school, and then at work. One minute you're a thirtysomething, then you were reborn at forty. Your half-century rushes by, and soon you're a pensioner.

And all along the way, you're waiting for it to happen; you can feel it; you're special. You're not like all the others. Like that young kid who's really a Prince, you're waiting for your turn in the spotlight. But it never comes.

It's not just the policemen who soon begin to look young. You realise that you're not only too old to be the next big thing in tennis or athletics, but that even that ageing President or Prime Minister is younger than you.

You look around, and the boy up the street is running a big business, your own boss is two decades younger than you, and the only thing big you can boast of is your ever-expanding waistline.

In short, life has passed you by. You never reached your potential, you never achieved your goals. You missed the boat; you live the ordinary life of the ordinary person you are.

But at least you're a decent person - you don't lie, or steal. You have a kindly nature. And you did your best. Or did you ? Did you really go that extra mile in search or your dream, or was it always simply that, because you just sat back and waited for it to happen ? Well, my friend, you get no second chances in this life, and you quickly learn that time waits for no man.

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