A Single Man

A Single Man

The suits in the film are extremely smart, the shirts are crisp and creaseless, the furniture is classic and polished, and the hairstyles are perfectly coiffed. So what is this film, you ask? Of course it is Tom Ford's first film, out on DVD on the 7th.

A Single Man, Tom Ford's very impressive directorial debut after working for 20+ years in the fashion industry, takes place in 1962 and tells the story of Professor George Falconer (played with elegance and grace by Colin Firth). The story takes place in the days following the death of his male partner in a car accident. Not able to grieve openly, and with his partner's family not inviting him to the funeral, Falconer can't come to grips with his loss and starts planning his suicide.

The night before he wants to take his own life, Falconer visits the house of his best friend, Charley (played exquisitely and beautifully by a ravishing Julianne Moore) for drinks, dinner, and more drinks - in that order. On his way home, he happens to run into Kenny, one of the students at the university where he teaches (played by Nicholas Hoult), who seems to take a liking to Falconer. They decide to go skinny dipping in the ocean, and it is at this time that Falconer starts to feel that everything is going to be OK. Or is it?

This is by far the best role Colin Firth has played in his entire career. His character grieves while we watch in sympathy as he has no say in his late partner's burial. Firth displays elegance and grace, but of course it is doesn't hurt to be directed by Tom Ford, who epitomizes the way a man should look and dress. And luckily times have changed where now same sex partners in most developed countries have the same rights as married couples.

Based on the 1964 novel of the same name by Christopher Isherwood, Tom Ford has captured the look of the early '60s and has made a film that has impressed the film industry. Let's hope A Single Man will be the first in a long line of good-looking films by Mr. Ford.