'Jamie, You Have To Stay Here Forever'

It wasn't exactly a love in - how could it be if the Rev Jesse Jackson was banging on about foreclosures among minoritities - but JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon emerged unscathed Tuesday from his bank's annual meeting.

Over 400 shareholders and bank execs attended the meeting, and Jamie managed to hold on to his Chairman title (despite a shareholder vote to strip him of it), those members of the board who faced re-election were duly re-elected without problem and, save a few moans about JPMorgan's lending practices and derivative disclosure issues (or lack of them), all went swimmingly.

One bright spark did, however, lob this grenade at Dimon, asking: 'Isn't this business a little bit like running a house of ill repute while knowing that all your ladies have AIDS ?'

'No', Dimon responded, before swiftly moving on.

But last word goes to Evelyn Davis, the 306-year-old doyenne of shareholder activism who earlier this month tried to get Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein to fall on his sword:

'Jamie', she gushed, 'You have to stay here forever. I'm not going to let you ever resign'.

Sources - Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal

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