Quotes Of The Week

Here's a collection of interesting quotes from people making the news.

'Whether Greece over this time period is really in a position, to bring up the strength to make this effort, I have my doubts'.

Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann trying to say that he doesn't give Greece must chance repaying its debts (The New York Daily News)

'We've done no more than buy time for ourselves to clear up the differences in competitiveness and in budget deficits of individual eurozone countries. If we simply ignore this problem, we won't be able to calm down the situation'.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (The Times)

'Active inertia could, albeit with declining probability, stabilize markets for a short period of time. But the longer-term reality will not change. Absent a significant change in the European policy mindset, officials will find themselves pulled even more into multi-round dynamics that support debt with more debt and, in the process, contaminate the good with the bad'.

PIMCO CEO, Mohamed El-Erian (FT Alphaville)

'When you have a capital gains tax of 18% and a top rate tax at 50%, you'll find people finding all sorts of ways to treat income as capital gains'.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron (The BBC)

Q. 'How do you feel about the Democrats' push to regulate derivatives ?'

A. 'I feel the same way that Jamie Dimon does'.

Q. 'And how is that ?'

A. 'I don't know how he feels, but I feel the same way. Understand ?'

Former Bear Stearns CEO (and JPMorgan Chairman Emeritus) Ace Greenberg talking to The New York Times

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