Banker Apologizes For 'Smash Your Face In' Live TV Threat

It all kicked off in an Italian live TV show last week, when one of the guests accused Rothschild Managing Director Chicco Testa of hypocrisy in connection with his stance on nuclear power.

According to Bloomberg, Testa once led a campaign against nuclear power in Italy post the Chernobyl incident, yet now stands to profit from the construction of nuclear power plants in the country.

The 58-year-old banker is said to have lost it on air, saying: 'Don't you dare say I profit from this, because I will smash your face in'. Testa later apologised via a statement on his blog, saying that he over-reacted and that the threat was 'metaphorical' rather than physical, apparently saying that he's never slapped anyone in his life (except his kids!).

And talking of punch-ups, there was a rumour (never proved) that former Lehman CEO Dick Fuld got thumped by a trader in the firm gym a few days after the company went belly-up. And Fuld is back in the news, as he is thought to have joined New York broker-dealer Legend Securities in an unspecified role.

Finally, The Daily Telegraph reports that Sigurdur Einarsson, the former chairman of bankrupt Iceland bank Kaupthing who is apparently on Interpol's 'most wanted' list, is in hiding in London, where the warrant for his arrest on fraud charges is not valid. Einarsson has denied wrongdoing, and publicly blames former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the bank's collapse.

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