The 10 'Plagues' Of The Financial Markets


The 10 Plagues of Egypt are the 10 calamities imposed upon that country by God, as recounted in the Book of Exodus, to convince Pharaoh to let the poorly treated Israelite slaves go free.

The 'plagues' involved Blood, Hail, Darkness, Death of the Firstborn, Frogs, Boils, Flies, Lice, Death of Cattle, and Locusts. Nice.

And some are now wondering if God is expressing his displeasure at the self-centered consumer society we have created for ourselves in the developed world by coming down hard on the financial markets.

And here's how God's wrath might be manifesting itself:

The financial crisis, the Greek debt crisis, the BP oil spill, Iceland's volcanic ash, Thursday's unexplained 1,000 movement in the Dow, political uncertainty in the UK, and the problems being experienced over at Goldman Sachs.

The problem is, if this really is all God's work (and not Lloyd Blankfein's as many would have you believe), then we've got another 3 'plagues' to look forward to, and these might just finish us off!

Reader Comments

1. 'God also parted the sovereign credit spreads. And when it comes to equity portfolios, he turned mine into water'.

2. 'This is quite observant. The 10 plagues were not meant to show God's wrath, although it must have seemed that way. It was rather a dismantling of the laws of nature and the way He created earth - eg He created light and then took it away, He created life and then killed the first born, etc. The current 'plagues' mentioned in this article can very much be considered to be a dismantling of the laws of nature, or the markets. It definitely makes you think'.

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