Intern Accuses Boss Of Sending Lewd E-Mails

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19-year-old Karen Lo was pleased to be offered an intern position at Guerreiro Wealth Holdings, a firm which specializes in providing trading and investment strategies for high net-worth individuals, professional investors, hedge funds, money managers and institutional investors.

She started with the firm in the Fall of last year but, she says, her time there quickly turned into a nightmare. Ms Lo, who has now filed a lawsuit in the Manhattan Supreme Court, claims that the firm owner, Thomas Guerriero, left her suggestive e-mails and Post-It notes, engaged in inappropriate sexual banter, groped her, and allegedly even sent her an e-mail complete with a link to a porn video of a man (with no face shot and referred to simply as stallionman_69), who was pleasing himself. Ms Lo claims she closed out the e-mail as soon as she realised what was on it.

A short time later, Ms Lo claims she received another e-mail from Mr Guerreiro, which said: 'I was going to record a video and send it to you, but I wasn't sure how much you liked the last you asked for. Did you like the last one ?'

The New York Post reports that Jack Tuckner, a lawyer acting for Ms Lo, said: 'Guerriero had no compunction about e-mailing repulsive pornography and obscene messages to a 19-year-old who idolized him for his financial prowess'.

Guerriero's lawyer, Chad Seigel, said: '(The allegations) are manufactured by a woman with credibility problems in the hopes of obtaining an unwarranted financial windfall'. The suit seeks unspecific damages.

Finally, The Times newspaper reports that a UK Employment Tribunal has dismissed a case in which Jordan Wimmer, a $758,000-a-year marketing assistant, accused her hedge fund boss, Marl Lowe of Nomos capital, of sexual harassment, bringing hookers to client meetings, and hiring Russian hitmen to take her out ( and not on a date).

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