Jokes Brought To You By Goldman - They Make Money Whether We Laugh Or Not

Here's a collection of the latest sound bites on the subject of Goldman Sachs and its current difficulties.

'It is my belief that nothing unethical and nothing illegal has happened, but I will tell you if I discovered something like this, or any senior person at Goldman Sachs  discovered illegal or unethical behavior, we would eliminate that from the firm'.

Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein (CBS News)

'If Lloyd (Blankfein) had a twin brother, I would vote for him (if Goldman needed a new leader)'.

Warren Buffett (The New York Times)

'In order to proceed criminally in a case, you need to have very clear evidence of lying, cheating and stealing'.

Doulglas R. Jensen attorney, Park & Jensen (The New York Daily News)

'We are going to have to be in a position where we're much more transparent about the activities that we do. We don't want to be in a position where activities seem to people as mysterious as they were at the start of this crisis'.

Lloyd Blankfein, National Public Radio (Bloomberg)

'There were some e-mails where some people were projecting I would say, at best indifference, and at worst a callousness....It's inexcusable if 10 people think that way or thought that way'.

Lloyd Blankfein talking to Charlie Rose, Bloomberg TV

'Goldman Sachs is on the other side of some of our equity-put transactions......This is business......It makes no difference to us who is on the other side of the transaction'.

Warren Buffett (Bloomberg)

'By the way, all the jokes here tonight are brought to you by our friends over at Goldman Sachs. But don't worry - they make money whether we laugh or not!'.

President Barack Obama (The White House Correspondents Dinner)

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