The Goldman Hearings - What Did You Think ?

You must have seen something of the Goldman testimony / grilling Tuesday. What are your views on what took place ?

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Reader Comments

1. 'Goldman's lawyers had clearly told their guys not to give much away. Although this may have been sensible advice given the impending legal case, in the court of public opinion the firm came across badly'.

2. 'It was a big mistake trying to look through those big binders every time the Senators referenced a document, as this only made the Goldman guys look defensive. One thing Blankfein got right (and he didn't do much else right) was to ignore the stuff plonked down in front of him'.

3. 'Why did Blankfein allow McCain to get away with the nonsense about the $10bn TARP funds and helping community banks ? He didn't need to just lay there while McCain stuck it to him. He should have fought his corner'.

4. 'In general, GS looked like a bunch of aggressive shysters who ripped off some unsuspecting clients'.

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