Goldman Hearings - We Rate The Performances Of The Players

Here we rate the performance of the Goldman witnesses and some of the Senators who questioned them at Tuesday's hearings.

Senator Carl Levin - 9/10

Persistent, knowledgeable and passionate. A strong performance.

David Viniar, CFO Goldman Sachs - 8/10

Struck the right balance between being humble and forceful. Despite one slip-up over an e-mail, he came across well and delivered the goods for the firm.

Senator Kaufman - 8/10

Another strong performance from a lawmaker who clearly knew his stuff.

Craig Broderick, Chief Risk Officer, Goldman Sachs 7/10

Didn't have a lot to do, as Viniar took the brunt of the attack, but an assured performance as he competently dealt with everything that came his way.

Michael Swenson, Managing Director, Structured Products Group Trading, Goldman Sachs - 7/10

Straight-talking, no nonsense guy that you'd want to have on your team. His pragmatic approach was impressive.

Joshua Birnbaum, former Managing Director, Structured Products Group Trading, Goldman Sachs - 6/10

Credible. Thoughtful. Coped well with most of the questions.

Fabrice Tourre, Executive Director, Structured Products Group Trading,  Goldman Sachs - 6/10

'Fab' did OK. Many have only seen him through his e-mails - where he came across as a bit of a plonker. But he generally acquitted himself well, and was certainly not the loose cannon many thought he might prove to be.

Daniel Sparks, former Partner, Head of Mortgages Department, Goldman Sachs Group 4/10

Was he just a bit slow, or was he trying to be evasive ? Although he warmed up as the hearings proceeded, he came across as defensive and wasn't an effective ambassador for his former firm.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs - 3/10

Woeful. Blankfein failed to step up to the plate when it most mattered. He looked uncomfortable, and appeared out of his depth on the big stage. An inarticulate performance. John Mack and Jamie Dimon would have done a much better job.

Senator McCain - 2/10

A very smug performance from a man who clearly hadn't done his homework. Thank God he didn't make it to the White House.

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