Goldman - Lloyd Blanked Me!

The Goldman 'silly season' reporting continues, with every bit of information on Goldman, however tenuous, being eagerly put out there.

A bloke from The Guardian reports on this non-exchange with Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein in New York Thursday:

'Mr Blankfein, I'm Andrew Clark from The Guardian. What did you think of the (Obama's financial reform) speech ?'

No response.

'Mr Blankfein, has your company done anything wrong ?'


'Mr Blankfein, what do you think of the SEC's charges against your company ?'

Still no response.

But exactly what did Mr Clark expect Blankfein to say: 'Hands up, we did it!' ? And why was this non-event published at all ? Perhaps because Mr Clark had been sent over on a costly trip to New York to bag a scoop, and he probably had to report something!

And then there's The London Evening Standard reporting that Tetsuya Ishikawa, author of How I Caused The Credit Crunch, worked on the CDO deal at the centre of the Goldman fraud charges (he was a one-time Goldman employee). There no suggestion of wrongdoing on Ishikawa's part, so why report it ? Oh, probably because he admitted in his book that he slept with the odd hooker and went to lap-dancing clubs. Random madness.

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