Drunken Trader Kills IT Professional With One Punch

The Daily Mail reports that London-based Petroleum trader Jeremy Aylmer, 36, arrived late and alone at the Floridita nightclub in Soho on November 22nd, 2007. And witnesses said that he appeared to be drunk.

Aylmer is alleged to have tried to chat up a number of women, and at one stage ended up dancing a young lady, Jamina Luizaga, who had arrived at the nightclub with a group of people who worked at a subsidiary of IT giant EDS (now part of Hewlett-Packard), which included 55-year-old Charles Cox, who was a vice chairman of the unit.

As the EDS group left the nightclub at around 3am, Aylmer apparently followed, continuing his pursuit of Ms Luizaga. Cox was already concerned about Aylmer's behaviour and, when the trader allegedly made a grab for Ms Luizaga's arm, Cox is said to have tired to push Aylmer away with his free arm (he was carrying his briefcase and umbrella in the other). The trader responded by punching Cox in the head.

Prosecutors said that the single punch 'literally pole-axed Mr Cox, causing his head to smash  on the pavement, resulting in massive injuries'. According to The Daily Telegraph, the punch left Cox 'so brain damaged, he spent the next 20 months in hospital before dying of pneumonia'. And he was 'unable to communicate, feed himself or even use a wheelchair. He finally died (as a direct result of the punch) of pneumonia after trying to swallow food, which ended up in his lungs'.

Aylmer was only arrested in July last year, after Mr Cox died. The trader is now up before a UK court on one charge of manslaughter, but  is claiming self-defence. Prosecutors, however, say: 'Not a single witness suggests that Mr Cox offered any violence at all, and it was this defendant who, without warning, suddenly and unnecessarily, used force out of all proportion to the situation he was in'.

The case continues.

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