'This Is Way Beyond Incompetence. This Is Cynical, Selfish Exploiting'

Here are a few decent soundbites from the media on the subject of that Goldman fraud charge.

'I want a special investigation done into the entanglement of Goldman Sachs.....I want the Financial Services Authority to investigate it immediately'.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown (BBC)

'We will see politicians throughout the world piling on Goldman Sachs. Now they have vulnerability. Everyone and anyone, especially politicians, are going to be trying to make hay with this one'.

Scott Moeller, the Director of the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School (Bloomberg)

'Gordon Brown will try to turn this into his Falklands War. Behind in the polls, with one foot out of office, he'll ride this issue hard in a blatant attempt to use it return to Number 10 after May 6th'.

Vic Daniels, Publisher, Here Is The City

'This gave the politicians everything they need to push for stronger financial reform, and it's going to further shake investor confidence in Wall Street'.

Matthew McCormick, banking analyst and portfolio manager Bahl & Gaynor (Bloomberg)

'Our message to brokers, banks and dealers is that you have to play fair. You have to provide full disclosure, or you are going to face the consequences'.

Robert Khuzami, Director of Enforcement, The Securities and Exchange Commission (The Wall Street Journal)

'The SEC suit against Goldman, if proven true, will confirm to people their suspicions about the total selfishness of these financial institutions. There's nothing more damaging than that. This is way beyond recklessness. This is way beyond incompetence. This is cynical, selfish exploiting'.

Steve Fraser, Wall Street historian (The New York Times)

'The risk is long-term reputational. People are going to be more inclined to look at Goldman Sachs and think, 'Who's on the other side of this trade ?'

Benjamin Wallace, analyst, Grime & Co (Bloomberg)

'There is rising public appetite for punishment of the guilty parties that caused the credit crunch'.

Brad Hintz, analyst, Sandford Bernstein (The Guardian)

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