Lehman Brothers - Price Of Dick's Head Rises 10-Fuld

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OK, so we couldn't resist it. Just a day after publishing the stuff about that 'Dick's added; BJ's removed' Bank of America Merrill Lynch research note title, we thought we'd try and be clever with a headline too.

And it's all to do with a story in The New York Post. The newspaper is reporting that a popular head portrait by street artist Geoffrey Raymond of former Lehman Brother CEO Dick Fuld was picked up in September 2008, soon after the bankruptcy of the firm, for a cool $10,000. The buyer was none other than Larry McCarthy, who was head of Lehman's distressed bond trading unit.

Well, McCarthy has now indicated that auctioneers Sothebys have twice contacted him to see whether he would be interested in selling the portrait, and indications are that it could now go for as much as $100,000. The banker, who is currently head of leveraged products at fixed income broker / dealer Chapdelaine Credit Partners, apparently can't yet make up his mind whether he wants to sell or not.

Now, after Wednesday's Bank of America Merrill Lynch research note item, a number of readers sent in similar instances of 'questionable / humorous' research note titles or newspaper headlines. Here's a few of the best:

'Almost 10 years ago, Macquarie had a short stock update with the headline Six Inch Tool Stuck In Linda. It related to a drill bit that got stuck in a test well called Linda'.

'What about this one from a few years back, when the US bailed out Mexico - Clinton Sticks Finger In Mexican Dike ?'

'In 2004, IT solutions firm Misys appointed Rudi Pecker as its head of Asia Pacific sales. Asian Investor headlined: Misys Gives Pecker Head Job'.

If you know of any other gems like these, please share them. Send in (in confidence) to us at news@hereisthecity.com

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