Ask The Politicians - Some Of Your Questions (Still Haven't Heard From Labour)

The plan is for our readers to send in questions that they would like us to pose to the three main parties fighting it out in the UK General Election on May 6th.

The Conservatives and The Liberal Democrats have already agreed to take part, but we've been having trouble getting hold of the Labour Party Press Office.

Anyway, send in any question that you'd like us to ask, and we'll select the best 3 and get them off. All three parties (provided we manage to get hold of Labour) will be asked the same questions, and their replies will be published unedited.

Questions should please be sent in to us at

Here's a few of the questions sent in so far:

'EC legislation already accounts for some 70% of legislation passed through the UK parliament. What are your proposals to decrease rubber-stamping of EU  legislation ?'

'How will you ensure that London remains a premier financial centre for hedge funds ?'

'Given that all three main political parties are trying to score cheap political points by imposing / proposing new tax penalties and regulations on City workers, what incentives are there for anyone involved in financial services to bother to vote at all ?'

JefferiesAnd the Best Place to Work in the global financial markets 2018 is...

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