The Life of a Temp: A Poem

Coffee Automat - Helmut Guigo

It's been a while since we brought you something in verse. And be honest, when was the last time you read a poem? Fill the void in your literary world here.

The working life of a temp
Is a curious thing indeed
At the height of the finance season
You'll get employed for what they need.

But the temping experience is great
If it only lasts a while
Which explains the life of a temp
As the work begins to pile.

Making coffee is not great
Scanning and faxing is a bore
The work is being to slow now
You're worried they need you no more.

You're back on the dole once again
You trudge past the chavs and their friends
Your smile has faded
The work is no more
And you begin to feel somewhat jaded.

Interviews come and go
Some good, some not so
Your working life
Is full of strife
Just remember to be nice to the temps.