City Cartoon: Rako & The Rat - Conference Calls

Rako & The Rat - Conference Call

As Rako reminds us, conference calls are never, ever a waste of time.

To get the full story, press on the magnifying glass at the top corner of the image to the right.

So who is Rako?

Rako is a Desk Assistant from Banglapore in a Top Tier Investment bank. He has become the traders' chief gimp and works more than 14 hours every day. He never complains for fear of losing his job, and as a result, his Visa Sponsorship. He confides only to the Rat, who visits him in the evening after the office has emptied.

And who is the Rat?

The Rat has got an interest in the Markets and knows all of the movers & shakers in the industry. Rumour has it that he's pulling the strings of the global economy and circulating sensitive information gathered from sneaking behind closed door meetings. Either that or he's after the leftover pizza.


The characters of these stories are fictional. OK, so they might remind you of people you have worked for or with, but my lawyer can't emphasise enough that they are most definitely NOT them. Really, you should get out more.

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