Did Bernie Really Take A Fall ?

By John Fuller

I found it rather odd that poor old Bernie fell out of his bunk bed on or about 25th December last. I didn't find it odd that he sustained injuries.

I found it odd that a man of his age would be assigned a top bunk in a federal prison. I didn't find it odd that the Federal Bureau of Prisons would attribute these injuries (according to sources, facial injuries, broken ribs and a collapsed lung) to a fall from a top bunk.

The question is why Prison officials attempted to down play Bernie's injuries, by simply stating that he fell out of bed ? Well, inmate injuries of this kind will immediately be investigated by SIS Lieutenants. And they will be relieved if they obtain a statement from a prisoner that an injury wasn't down to an altercation, as this will reassure family members that nothing untoward had gone on.

But Bernie, of course, is not a stupid man, and telling the authorities that he wasn't attacked by those who, in reality, gave him a good old-fashioned prison whipping or 'blanket party', would be a smart move; he no doubt realises that he can't become a snitch and live out the rest of his days in isolation - as lonely as the poor widows he defrauded.

And this will not be the last confrontation he faces in a world where justice can be served over and over again by individuals who have nothing to lose. I don't find it odd, however, that even the incorrigible inmates despise what Bunk Bed Bernie did to hardworking people around the world. The question is, do you ?

John Fuller spent 10 years inside the US federal prison system for conspiracy to possess a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He now works with ex-felons at Prison Coach, helping inmates adjust to life outside of prison.


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