Bear Stearns - Where Are The Main Players Now ?

Two years after Bear Stearns fell (or was pushed) into the arms of JPMorgan Chase, we thought it would be interesting to see what happened to the people mostly associated with the deal.

Bear Stearns

CEO Alan Schwartz

Appointed Bear CEO in January 2008, his tenure lasted just 2 months. He is currently executive chairman of Guggenheim Partners.

Former CEO Jimmy Cayne (then non-executive Chairman)

Famously losing $1bn of his net worth when JPMorgan acquired Bear, 76-year-old Cayne has maintained a low profile these last two years, and is believed to spend much of his time playing bridge.

Alan 'Ace' Greenberg

Another former Bear CEO, Greenberg, then 80, was Chairman of the firm's Executive Committee.

Still working and serving his brokerage clients, Greenberg is a vice-chairman emeritus at JPMorgan Chase.

Warren Spector

Co-President and co-COO Spector was fired by Jimmy Cayne in August, 2007. Angry at his treatment, Spector is thought to have cashed out most of his Bear equity holdings before the stock went into free fall. Spector, too, has maintained a low profile since his ouster.

JPMorgan Chase

Jamie Dimon

Tipped as a future US Treasury Secretary, Dimon's God-like stock has continued to rise. He remains chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase.

Steve Black

Co-CEO of JPMorgan's investment banking unit at the time of the deal, Black has now stepped down from an operational role and has become a vice chairman of the firm, focusing on clients.

Bill Winters

Black's co-CEO, Winters left JPMorgan in September 2009, and is currently believed to be plotting his comeback. He was an outside bet for the CEO position over at Bank of America, which eventually went to insider Brian Moynihan.

Hank Paulson

US Treasury Secretary at the time, Paulson left office in January 2009, and has recently published his memoirs on the financial crisis - On The Brink.

Ben Bernanke

Recently appointed to a second four-year term as Chairman of the US Federal Reserve.

Tim Geithner

President of the New York Federal Reserve at the time of Bear's implosion, Geithner succeeded Paulson as US Treasury Secretary, his current job.

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