Arrest Warrant Issued For Jamie Dimon!

Jamie Dimon Mugshot

Yep, you heard it right. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon apparently had an arrest warrant issued in his name earlier this week - over an illegal tyre dump in Atlanta! reports that Dimon was named on an arrest warrant issued because of an illegal tyre dump located at 1462 Memorial Drive. There are said to be thousands of old tyres and other rubbish on the site, and local officials established that JPMorgan Chase had some kind of financial or ownership interest in the property, and served notice on the bank earlier this month for someone at the firm to attend a court hearing over the matter.

When no-one from JPMorgan Chase showed up, the Atlanta City Solicitor's Office is said to have issued the arrest warrant. Atlanta City Solicitor Raines Carter told The New York Post: 'The citation had the name of the corporation, JPMorgan Chase bank, and the name of the CEO Jamie Dimon'. Carter told the newspaper that it was never his intention to arrest Dimon, just get his attention. And apparently that worked, as the bank has now said that the matter has been resolved, and a local judge cancelled the arrest warrant Wednesday.

In the meantime, former Goldman co-CEO Jon Corzine told Bloomberg TV this week that his old firm is unpopular with some people because of envy. Corzine told Bloomberg: 'When you're successful, it brings envy. People are broadly frustrated with financial institutions, and since (Goldman) is the leader of the industry and had shown great success over a long period of time, I think it's more vulnerable'.

Finally, Associated Press reports that Stephanie Madoff, daughter-in-law of Bernie (wife of his son Mark), has filed court papers in Manhattan, seeking to change her surname name (and that of her two children) to Morgan. Mrs Madoff says that she needs the name change to avoid 'additional humiliation' and harassment.

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