Bankers Rock For Charity

The Toneheads

This Thursday at the Islington O2 Academy, three bands will perform to benefit the Egmont Trust. And chances are you used to work with at least one of the finance professionals gearing up to grace the stage.

Pinstripe Hype will headline, with Zaki Orbell of GLG on vocals, Rhod Pazzi-Axworthy of City law firm Nabarro on keys, Andy Preston from Redburn Partners on guitar, James Peters on bass and Rob Murphy on drums.

Supporting will be the Toneheads, featuring Allan Beattie, Finance Director and co-founder of The London Technology Fund on guitar and bass, Dick Beavan, partner at Nabarro on vocals, John Treanor of GLG on guitar and bass, and Rupert Walford of UBS Investment Bank on drums.

And opening the show, you'll see the Ironics, featuring Jack Tarrell, structural engineer at Flint & Neill on drums, Ash Lazenby of RBS Investment Banking on guitar and Mike Canfield of GLG on keyboards and Thoren Lowe on bass and Sally Miura on vocals.

Don't know anyone here?

That's OK - you can, and should, still go. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketweb, and proceeds will benefit the Egmont Trust, a charity to improve the lives of children affected by HIV and AIDS.

Can't make it?

Donate here. Then turn your stereo up really loudly when you get home.