I Was Seeing My Boss - But He Still Fired Me!

The guy who ended up being my boss (and my lover) didn't actually hire me. But, soon after joining the firm as a PA, he made his interest known to me.

At first I was flattered by the attention - not because he was good looking (although he probably was fairly attractive years a few years back, when he had more hair and a trimmer waistline). But he was a powerful guy, heading up commodities trading, and raking in millions for the firm (and himself). I became a little concerned, however, when, soon after I started at the firm, I was transferred into his team as his 'trading assistant'.

To be fair, he didn't come on too strong at first. He was much more clever than that. But he soon started calling me into his office for no good reason. And he quickly dropped the old line - 'my wife doesn't understand me'. Even when he asked me out for our first drink after work, I was determined that it would lead nowhere. I told a couple of my friends about it, and they both warned me off, saying that no good could come of it. But I went anyway.

Well, one thing lead to another and, well, you get the picture. At first it was great - everything. He was loving, caring and seemed genuinely interested in me as a person. We went away a few times, and he eventually set me up in a flat close to where he lived with his wife and three children (so that he could see me - or 'see to me' as he said - when he went out 'jogging').

Of course, after a few months, I wanted more. But he couldn't give it to me. He said that he couldn't afford a divorce, as his wife would take him to the cleaners. Then the arguments started. I was fed up of playing second string, and sick of his excuses about why he couldn't leave his family and be with me. He told me to be patient, and that he'd make the move when his kids were older (they were 13 and 15). In the meantime, he said, we'd just have some fun. But I wasn't having much fun any more. I was  fed up - and lonely. And then I did something really stupid - I started seeing one of the junior traders. But that only made things worse. Instead of making my boss jealous, he actually encouraged me to do it - I think it made him feel less guilty about what he was doing.

Anyway, things dragged on. And, in time, he became less caring and more demanding. My relationship with the junior trader went nowhere (predictably). I felt like I was being used, but I really did love him. I just wanted us to have a chance. But he soon started making excuses about why he couldn't drop round as much, and then began dropping hints that perhaps I should look for another job. I was devastated, but was determined to hang on.

It was six weeks ago that I got the call. I went into one of the offices on the 9th floor, and was told by someone from Human Resources that I was being laid-off. I was by no means the only one to lose my job that day, but clearly having become a problem for the boss didn't help my career prospects. That night, he called me and came over. We had a great time (in all respects), but as he got up to return to his family, he told me that I'd have to give up the flat. He had other plans for it now. And that was that. As I write this, I've no relationship, no job and no place to call a home. And all because I started sleeping with my boss.

Reader Comments:

1. 'The guy did what every red-blooded male would do in the circumstances - he took advantage'.

2. 'Unfortunately this woman was an enabler. She allowed him to walk all over her'.

3. 'She got what she deserved. That's what happens if you try and break-up a family'.

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