England Out - Your Views

Whilst we don't normally comment on sport, England's ignoble exit from the European Championship Wednesday has prompted us to give some space to any reader who might be interested enough to post their views on this debacle.

Should the manager Steve McClaren have got the boot ? Who should now replace him ? Who else is to blame - the FA ? The players ? Too many foreigners playing in the Premiership ?

Send in your views by using the 'comment on this story' button below.

'Our rich celebrity players shouldn't get paid unless they qualify for major tournaments'.

'Who in their right mind would want the England manager's job ? Look how high Sven is flying now - when you're not restricted to picking a team from those losers born in England'.

'Bring on 'arry!'

'England are the international equivalent of Huddersfield Town - we shouldn't expect to qualify for major tourrnaments - let alone do well in them!'.

'That's unfair to Huddersfield Town!'.

'Bring back the Home Internationals - at least we might make second place there!'.

'Too many foreigners in the Premiership ? Do you really think anyone would turn up to watch teams play if they were packed full of those English wimps ?'.

'There's only one man would could motivate England's bunch of overpaid, under-performing bunch of rank amateurs - Jose!'.

'At least the Scots have the excuse that they went out to decent teams (France and Italy)'.

'Give it to 'The Special One' - at least the post match interviews will be more entertaining than the inane comments made by the current grinning idiot!'.

'Wenger's the man - but he won't do it!'.

'I'm pleased to hear that, from now on, if I cock up my manager will get fired!'.

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