The Most Gushing Leaving E-Mail Ever ?

Here's someone who loved her company so much, she left to go travelling!

This recent 'leaving' e-mail is possibly the most gushing ever sent. The individual worked for a top-rated European investment bank:


It's my last day at ... today and I wanna take this opportunity to bid farewell to all of you and thank each of you at ... for the wonderful time I've had since I joined in 2005. I have been very fortunate to have met very interesting and inspiring colleagues here. It has been short but it has given me a whole lot of unforgettable experience. As I found out more about myself through working in ..., my boundaries grew in extent and breadth. In retrospect, I am thankful that I had gotten the opportunity to experience working here. Experimentation satiates curiosity and it is this desire to experiment that actively shapes my career choice.

I have come to appreciate the role of a superb organisation in moulding an individual, in asserting the challenge to learn. Knowledge endures and transforms. Although my stay in ... has been brief and it may only be a small piece of puzzle that makes up my career, it is a significant and memorable part. As much as I love London after being here for 3 years, I am palpably fascinated by the challenge of living in a different city. Above all, I believe in passion - the passion for life. It is this search for passion that brings me to where I am today. Life is a journey to me, not a destination. You alone can choose how awe-inspiring you want the journey to be. I aim to be able to look back in pride at the end of my life journey, and say that if I were given another chance to choose, I would take the same path again. As I have learnt over the years, passion and conviction are the key ingredients for success and that with confidence, courage of conviction and fortitude, dreams can indeed come true'.

As usual, the name of the firm and individual have been withheld to protect the (in this case very) innocent.

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