Line Manager Rogues Gallery (Updated)

We've been asking you how good your immediate line managers are. One of our readers has sent in this little gem:

'The manager of our secretarial pool is a failed secretary. Very few of the team respect her - and her remarks that 'no-one likes me' are laughed at. She has no management experience, no idea how to treat people, and no backbone. We all (including the bankers) wonder what she does all day'.

'Our line managers sit there surfing the net, and sending out personal e-mails. We are stuck working harder than we should, because we can't retain staff. Morale is the lowest-ever within the team. One of 'em once said this classic line at a 'clear-the-air' team meeting - 'I'm too busy to praise the staff'!'.

Do you have any other line management gems like this to share ? If so, please send them in to us at

Names will be withheld to protect the innocent!

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